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5 February 2019


Moscow, Russia 5.02.2019

Now the customers willing to launch their small satellites or CubeSats of mass from 1 kg to 120 kg onboard the Russian Soyuz-2 launchers can quickly find out a price quote of injection using a specifically developed calculator on the website of GK Launch Services.

The SC launch price calculator allows getting a price quote within one business day, thus, giving customers the advantages of quick mission planning and being updated about their points of interest on regular basis.

The price depends on SC mass and dimensions, a required target orbit, a need for a CubeSat deployer or a smallsat separation system, and a need for propulsion system fueling, the time frame for concluding a contract, and satellite insurance.

Also, it is worth noting that a launch proposal can include insurance for SC transportation, processing, and launch up to separation in the orbit. Such option can be added to the contract, and its cost can be estimated through the price calculator in one go. The insurance packages are provided by MARSH.

The calculator is a convenient tool that helps the customer to plan mission launches in a comfortable and rapid manner, and to get all the information directly from the operator of Soyuz-2 commercial launches from the Russian space ports, GK Launch Services.

GK Launch Services has been established by the decision of Roscosmos for commercialization of launch services and is a launch services provider authorized to conclude commercial contracts for spacecraft launches from the Russian launch sites with the use of Soyuz-2 family launch vehicles.